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by M. Le'Mont

I'm driving on the Loop cruising at 70, when I noticed a billboard that read:
Shabazz Used Cars, Referral Fee $400.

I immediately took the next exit and turned around to make sure
my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.  

And there it was again, big as day $400 referral fee.  

It was a used car lot for with a referral program advertised on
a billboard!

Now I know that it may not mean anything to you, unless you've been
looking forward to the day that companies would  develop referral programs  
that would allow independent business owners the opportunity to make 
a living referring people that buy their products or services.

This article will explain how to make money using the Internet.

I remember when watching TV was America's favorite pastime,
but now the Internet has changed the way we live.  

And the people that take advantage of this new frontier with its
many selling platforms will be the winners. 

If you want financial independence or just want to make a few
extra dollars, you will find opportunity galore using the Internet. 

Now you can make money referring people as an Independent
Business Developer; with no rent, no start-up costs, and no
competition;  just the products and services of other companies.

I call it the Referral for Pay program.    

We have identified 40  companies that have a referral program on their website.


Making money has never been so easy. I discovered the Referral for
Pay programs serendipitously when searching the Internet for the
"Next Big Thing" and looking to develop a Referral for Pay program
 for one of my clients. 

I was amazed that there were other companies also using the
Internet to get the world to help them sell their product or services. 

And the most fascinating thing about this was the general public
was unaware of it. 

So I created Refermycompany.com  to tell everyone how you
can make money by referring people.

The idea behind a Referral for Pay Program is based on relationship selling. 

People know people that we don't know. 

For example, if a medical supply company  and wanted the business
of a hospital, the odds of the company making a sale by cold calling
would be very slim. 

Instead, the company would post a $500 referral fee on
Refermycompany.com, for a introduction to an administrator
of a hospital.

If a connection is made and the hospital becomes a
client then the $500 is paid  to the person that referred the client.

Here's how it all got started.
When I really got excited about  the idea, I realized that the referral fee had to be large enough to motivate people to refer their friends or associates to companies they never did business with.  After much deliberation, the client I represented agreed to pay a referral fee $500.  

Now I had to get the word out. The first person that I recruited
was my wife.  

I remember when she referred her first client.

She was on a flight coming from L.A. to Dallas and a passenger
sitting next to her said he owned a Uniform company in Pennsylvania
and he was on his way to Dallas for a business trip.  

After a discussion about his job, the conversation came around
 to doing some auditing work for his company. 

He gave her his business card and told her to have my client
called his comptroller. 

A week later the deal was done and the Uniform Company signed the contract.
  It landed my wife a nice referral fee.  

Since then my wife has referred her doctor, cleaners, dentist,
and several other

I landed the biggest finder's fee ever when I recruited a  guy name Mike Phillips. He  called me saying that he was referred by a friend for a job.

After listening to his resume, I told him that he should start his
own business as an Independent Business Developer and
refer people that use our auditing services. 

He immediately went to work referring people he knew that needed
our services.  

Mike is now one of one 
top Independent Business Developers.   

I met a guy named Darius at my mother in law's house in New Orleans. 

During our conversation he asked what my profession was. 

I told him I was an Independent Business Developer  and I made
 money by referring people that need the product or services of
companies that pay a referral fee. 

After telling him about the company I was currently doing business
with, a claim and auditing company,  he told me that he was an
editor for one of the oldest magazines in the country.    

He also said that the President of the company was his brother-in law. 

I told him to see if the company needed an auditing and claim
reimbursement company; and if they became a client he would get
a one time referral fee of $500.

Two weeks later the deal was done, 
Darius made a nice referral fee.

I first met Carolyn at a family cook out. 

At the time she was unemployed so I told her about our services and referral program.    

She said that her boyfriend's niece was the office manager of a
MRI facility in Texas. 

So the next day she called the office manager and told her
about the audit and reimbursement services.   

Two weeks later,  we . signed a 1 year deal, and Carolyn received $500 referral fee. 

As an Independent Business Developer, I'm always looking for products
or services that my friends, and business

I missed an opportunity when my  friend Gene W.  had laser treatment
 to correct his vision from a company he saw on a television commercial..

He was unaware that the same Laser Company offered a
referral fee of $500.00 to anyone that referred a friend.

This was a missed opportunity.

When was the last time a friend asked you for the name of a good
car mechanic, plumber, baby sitter, or air condition repairman?  

We trust the recommendations of our friends rather than a Yellow Page AD,
so why shouldn't the person that referred you be rewarded monetarily?  

Referral for Pay benefits the companies; the referred individuals;
and the individuals that did the referring.

My friend needed an eye doctor for her daughter, who had a
mysterious eye infection.

So, she went on FACEBOOK and asked,  d
does anybody know of a good eye doctor that specializes
in eye infections?  

In minutes she had the name of a doctor.  

As more companies recognize the value of referral programs; and
the role social media plays, the more they will be inclined to
make their referral programs public for the whole world to see,
and  instead of hiding it in some obscure place on their website,
hoping nobody finds out about it.

Make Money - get started today :  Look at our Referral Directory of companies that have a Referral for Pay program. See what area interests you and what product or services you can sell to your friends and associates.  And if you are a company that has a referral program then you need to list on Refermycompany.com website. Click here. 

No registration fee; No start up costs; and No overhead. 

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In conclusion, there is no better time to start using the Internet to make money.  Unlike other start up businesses there is no capital investment required; no office space; no employees; and most important no overhead.  All you need is access to the Internet and the contacts that you've developed over the years.  
The Internet Business Referral Program is real and it's happening now. The only thing that is standing in your way is YOU!        This is a new frontier, so discover what  our Business Developers already know.  "The World is our Sales Force and the Earth is our Customers."   

Good Luck

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